Yavapai Tax Credit Information for Parents

Please donate part of your tax dollars to YCHS!

The choice is yours…..

Pay all of your taxes to the State of Arizona


Contribute up to $400 to the Yavapai County High School and Reduce your state income tax liability dollar-for-dollar by the amount of your donation.


Donation Form

Download the donation form. Please complete this form prior to December 31st, and drop it off at the district office or send it to:

Yavapai Accommodation School District #99
2972 Centerpointe East Drive
Prescott, AZ 86301

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q-Can I still contribute to the school if I already paid more in taxes through payroll deductions than I owed and am now due refund?

A-You will still receive an additional $400 back in your refund, provided your total tax liability is at least $400 in the first place.

Q-What if I owe additional monies for state income tax?

A-You may deduct up to $400 from your taxes owed to offset like contributions to the Yavapai County High School.


If a total of $1000 was deducted from your earnings during the year and, at tax time your Arizona Income tax liability was only $700, the Arizona Department of Revenue would owe you $300 without a school tax credit. Your refund check=$300

If however, you had contributed $400 to a public school, the Arizona Department of Revenue would refund you the $300 PLUS another $400 refund for the school tuition credit. Your refund check=$700

If a total of $1,000 was deducted during the year and your total Arizona income liability was $1,400, you would owe $400.

With a tax credit donation of $400, you would pay nothing!

Arizona Department of Revenue Guidelines (ARS 43-1089)

  • The tax credit is applied against the taxpayer’s Arizona income taxes.

  • The donation must be used for extracurricular programs or Character Education programs as defined in ARS 15- 719.

  • The credit is available to any Arizona taxpayer filing an income tax return.

  • A couple filing jointly may donate up to $400. Taxpayers filing individually may donate up to $200.

  • You are not required to have a child or dependent enrolled in the school district to take advantage of the tuition tax credit program.

Questions? Please call the district office for more information about how the tax credit program works or for more information on how your contribution will be used to benefit the students. The school district does not issue refunds. You may want to contact your personal tax advisor or accountant as to how the tax credit will affect your return.

Please note: All information will be carefully protected. Social Security numbers are required by the Arizona Department of Revenue.