Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is an accommodation school?

It depends on who you ask here. Our accommodation school is a place where students of varied backgrounds and challenges come together for one purpose – to graduate high school or move closer to that goal. Our staff is dedicated in helping students not only with attaining their credits but also to be there to mentor and help students attain their goals.

What is required of a student to graduate?

Arizona requires 22 credits to graduate. We offer courses in 1/2 credit increments so that progress is not lost if the student must move mid-year. 4 full credits of English, 4 full credits of math, 3 credits of science, 3 full credits of Social Studies, 1 credit of Fine Arts, and the rest are electives. Our school has a wide range of classes to allow a student to graduate as soon as possible by sequencing them with just the courses needed for graduation.