School Tax Credit

We welcome you to participate in the tax credit program that helps our students while also benefiting you!

Arizona allows state income tax payers (whether or not they have a child in school) to receive a tax credit of up to $400 for contributions made to public schools to support extracurricular activities. It’s not just a deduction, it’s a TAX CREDIT!

How Arizona Tax Credits Works

The credit is limited to:

  • Married filing jointly – $400

  • Single or Head of Household – $200

It’s easy to claim your Arizona State Tax Credit. Simply make a donation to the school of your choice in an amount you feel comfortable contributing. The amount you give will be returned as a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for the applicable tax year. The law states that your donation must go directly to a local school to be used for extracurricular activities, but the schools and programs you support are entirely your choice.

This is an easy way to help our school without costing you a thing. Write a check to the school of your choice, and make sure to get a receipt verifying your donation to an extracurricular activity. You can claim your tax credit when you file your tax return.

Yavapai Tax Credit Flyer for Parents